Tigerwood Flooring (and when to use it)

Tigerwood (Goncalo alves) is among the most durable and outstanding construction timbers, highly favored as exotic decking and flooring wood. It’s naturally resistant to rot and decay and virtually maintenance free. It is a beautiful exotic Brazilian hardwood which provides one of the most unique wood grain patterns you will ever see. Because of its incredible beauty, it is highly sought after for both interior and exterior applications. It is so called because it has a reddish/orange background with dark vein striping which gives it a tiger-like look. It will darken slightly to a redder tone with exposure to sunlight. tigerwood logThe special growing environment in the tropical forests bestows an oily feature to tigerwood flooring. This oily hardwood feature makes it possess very low water absorption rate, which gives rise to a very stable wood dimension, no warping & no twisting due to water absorption or dehydration. Furthermore, with its natural oil resin, it has excellent resistance against the attacks from fungi, decay and moth. This oily feature extends the lifespan much longer than other conventional hardwood flooring. Resources are very adequate and rich thanks to its origin from tropical forest in Central and Southern America and tigerwood is not an endangered hardwood species (although the excellent tree usually needs 60-90 years for growth). More importantly, the reasonable control in logging and growing hardwood species in forest is executed very well in South America to keep sustainability of hardwood resources and protect the environment. Therefore, the consumption of tigerwood in the flooring industry is always executed in plan, and no danger to our fragile ecosystem. The excellent wood properties of tigerwood could match the excellence of ipe hardwood flooring and Burmese teak wood flooring, while the price of tigerwood flooring is only 70% of ipe price and 58% of Burmese teak. In fact, tigerwood flooring has similar performance in stability, durability and waterproof function, with beautiful wood colors too. Nevertheless, tigerwood flooring is a very worthwhile option for its high-class hardwood flooring quality with medium-class price.