The StareCasing™ Overlay System

No veneers. No plywoods. No laminates. The StareCasing™ stair overlay system uses only 100% genuine hardwood to give you a new staircase that offers beauty, durability and long-lasting finish.

It’s easy. Once the carpet is removed from the existing stair, the installation of StareCasing can begin.

So How Does It Work?

The StareCasing system consists of two parts, called the StareTread™ and the StareRiser™.

The StareTread is a solid hardwood overlay designed specifically to create a glove-like fit over an existing wood stair tread and cover the tread entirely including the nosing portion. It works on prefab stairs or ANY closed-end wood stair tread, including a hardwood tread that has been rendered unsalvageable. It efficiently converts the old tread to finished hardwood and eliminates the need to tear out, cut off, or modify the existing treads.

The StareRiser is also a solid hardwood overlay designed to install over the existing riser of the stair, converting the low-grade lumber riser to finished hardwood. The StareRiser can be pre-finished to match the StareTread or primed for a smooth paintable surface.

Transforming your stairs is just that easy.

What are The Benefits of the StareCasing System?

  • Simple two-piece installation
    You only need the StareCasing System™ tread and riser to have a beautiful staircase.
  • Absolutely no demolition or reconstruction
    The StareCasing system is the ONLY system available today that converts carpeted stairs to solid hardwood stairs and eliminates all forms of demolition and reconstruction because of the uniquely designed StareTread hardwood tread overlay.
  • Cost effective
    Contrast the StareCasing Overlay System to any other method of prefab tread and riser replacement, and you’ll discover that StareCasing reduces the total cost of the project by drastically reducing both the material and labor costs.
  • Less downtime
    In the time it takes to prepare the stairs using other methods, the StareCasing system will be completely installed. A typical professional installation of a standard flight of stairs using the StareCasing system is about 6-8 hours.
  • Long-lasting solid hardwood beauty
    The StareCasing Overlay System™ has all of the many wonderful characteristics of polyurethane finished solid hardwood: beautiful and elegant, durable, long lasting, low maintenance, easy to clean, and allergy safe.
  • Many options to choose from
    The StareCasing Overlay System™comes in a variety of species, finishes and stains. The system is available pre-finished, custom color matched or unfinished so you can coordinate with your home’s décor.
  • A 30-year warranty
    The tread and riser are directly milled from solid natural hardwood and come with a 30-year warranty.

So come and visit us at Penner’s Hardwood, where you can see the StareCasing™ display. We can answer any questions you may have, and show you how it can significantly lower the cost of renovating your existing stairs.

StairCasing™ in the News

The company’s signature StareCasing Hardwood Overlay System, an innovative stair remodeling system that completely transforms a carpeted or worn staircase in only one day, was selected from dozens of exhibitors by a panel of industry judges.

Manufacturer's Video

Here is an overview of the StareCasing™ System hosted on YouTube.