How Do I Maintain My Floors?

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Regular Care

Immediately wipe up spills and moisture on the surface. Dry vacuum or dust mop the wood surface to remove any dust or large particles. Remove heal marks and scuffs with an approved flooring cleaner such as Bona. Avoid scratching or gouging the floor surface when moving heavy objects such as furniture or appliances. Use protective felt pads under the legs of chairs or tables to minimize scratches. We carry several types of protector pads. Surface scratches on hardwood floors come from dust and dirt particles that make their way into the home. Unwanted debris can get tracked by guests, pets, or even a strong breeze. Be sure to pay special attention to high traffic areas like entryways, garages and patios. Use mats or throw rugs at door entrances to minimize moisture or dirt from the outside. We recommend that you not use the foam-backed or plastic-backed kind since they may discolor the floor. Try to use a material that can “breathe”. Remove spiked or stiletto/high-heeled shoes before walking on the floor. Such shoes can wreak havoc on any kind of surface. The best resolution is to remove shoes altogether, offering your guests soft slippers to use when in your home.

Regularly Maintain

Today’s technology has reduced maintenance to a bare minimum. Just vacuuming periodically should maintain your finish shining for years to come. Never use oil soaps or water base liquid waxes or cleaners on any wood floor as they leave a dulling residue. Bona professional hardwood floor cleaner is recommended to maintain today’s finishes. Often, a re-coating may be all that is needed to restore a floor’s finish. This should be done once the floor surface shows signs of wear. Don’t wait until the finish is worn to the bare wood. If you are in doubt, consult Penner’s Hardwood for sage advice on how to maintain your beautiful hardwood floor.